terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010


And that goal! ! ! Cries the narrator. We imagine the excitement of the fans. Brazil is the first goal of the game, but fans can not imagine what lies ahead. And they are dribbling balls on the beam, kicking balls out and flat. Are lateral, corners, shots on goals.
Oh my God! What will happen? Oh no, the announcer is screaming goal! ! ! Uruguay. Our players and fans in the stands despair Maracana. The nervous lets players desperate. It's every move to bring anyone to stroke. Moreover I wonder how can people are in their homes, in bars or at friends' homes, listening to the radio broadcast of the match.
Wow! The more we approach the end of the game more nevorsísmo. None of the teams want the tie, because only victory gives the title.
Just the first time. Range. Reporters interviewing the players, and leaves them much more nervous now because the teams only have 45 minutes to make the winning goal.
Resumes the game, more kicking, dribbling, sides and corners. And more nervous.
The game is over and Uruguay are attacking. Goal! Goal! Goal! It gollllllll Uruguay. The Uruguayan fans already singing victory, fans mourn Brazil, players are desperate.
The referee blew the final whistle. All Brazil is silent. Fans mourn, players will disappoint and respond to reporters.
- The next time we strive more.

Componentes:Amanda Lima,Alexia Mércia,Mateus Araújo,Maria Luiza,Leticia Brito,Leticia Basto,Felipe Rangel,Fernanda Cristina.

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